Eastern Edge 122cm X 122

Freeze and Thaw Oil on Linen 137cm x 92

Gondwana Rococo People's Choice Glover Prize 2010 Oil On Linen 112cm x 122

The Tracked Wilderness Oil on Linen 112cm x 152

A Thousand Years in the Making painted en plein air Oil on Canvas 70cm x 70

Lost Forever Oil on Linen 122cm x 106

Tasman Passage Glover Prize finalist 2013 Oil on Linen 92cm x 183

Dying Light painted en plein air 50cm x 72

Coming Squall Oil 122cm x 61

A Gentle Day on Rufus Gouache 56cm x 57

To the Lonely Sea and Sky Oil on Linen 165cm x 155 Glover Prize finalist 2016